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Our Story

At the heart of discovery is a cup of tea. 

The humble brew has shaped politics and geography, fueled change, sparked exploration and fostered invention. The truth of tea is history and culture distilled into a cup of cha. 

True North's carefully curated collection of single origin teas comes from the lush tea plantations of Sri Lanka. After visiting Old Ceylon's plantations, sourcing and tasting hundred of cups of tea, we picked the very best for their quality, flavour and aroma and bring them to you.

Our mission is simple, to bring back tea to the same level of quality and experience as coffee drinkers enjoy. 

Tea has a long history in New Zealand. It is still one of the nation's favourite drinks with just under 1kg consumed per person per year.* But for the last twenty years tea has begun to be overshadowed by coffee, with fewer folks enjoying high-quality loose leaf tea. 

We think life is too short for bad tea. It's time to bring affordable quality brew back to the people. 

That's why our teas are for nanas, tradies, yogis and hipsters, healthy lifestylers and morning break sippers. In fact, True North is for all discerning tea drinkers who want a good quality cuppa with strength and character.

As for sustainability, True North Tea values our planet's future and people's rights, which is why we have an organic and ethically sourced tea collection available alongside our regular range. Our aim is to eventually have all our tea 100 per cent organic and ethically sourced and our whole range fully certified.


*source, International Tea Committee, 2011-2013


Jimmy Page enjoying a cuppa

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